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Moving Forward

We are so excited that you have given your life to Christ. Scroll down to see the next steps on this amazing journey.

Congratulations. This is the biggest decision you will ever make in your life. All other decisions are temporary; a choice to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him is eternal. There is an exciting future ahead for you.

I want to personally welcome you to the greatest family on earth, the family of God.  You have millions of brothers and sisters now that share in the same blood, the blood of Jesus Christ.  Being part of this family is very special.


Welcome to the Community

You Are Now One And The Goal Is 10,000,000

Welcome to the BearMan community! We are dedicated to the mission of winning 10,000,000 people to Christ. This God sized mission requires a community of people just like you. People growing in Christ, sharing their faith, praying, and trusting God to do the miraculous; to see this mission become a reality. As you explore our web site you will find discipleship materials designed to empower every member of our community to become more like Christ and to share their faith with others.

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Salvation Coin

Marked For Christ

If you have given your life to Christ at a BearMan event you have received a “Salvation Coin.” This coin was designed to be a physical reminder of your commitment to Christ. The Apostle Paul endure many hardships to spread the gospel (2 Corinthians 11). Many of these hardships marked his body with physical scars. You too have been marked spiritually by the scars of the Jesus that he received on the cross for your salvation. On one side of the coin is a Greek phrase “I bear in my body the band marks of the Lord Jesus”. Never forget to whom you belong!

Watch the Story of the Salvation Coin below.

Moving Forward

Welcome To The Family

If you prayed to accept Jesus as your savior you have become part of the family of God. Your life is brand new, and God has an incredibly good and perfect plan for your life in Christ! Jim has a special series of Bible Studies written to empower you to move forward in your spiritual journey. We look forward to helping you discover all God has in store for you.

The Story Of The Salvation Coin

On one side of the coin is a Greek phrase “I bear in my body the band marks of the Lord Jesus”. Never forget to whom you belong!