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Book The Bear Man

Jim has shared his message of hope and purpose found in Christ to thousands of people at churches, universities, schools and many other venues.

If you are interested in hosting a “Bear Man Testimony” at your venue, please fill out the form below.

What To Expect

  • We will send marketing materials to help you market for The Bear Man.
  • Jim will be giving a public invitation to accept Christ or walk more deeply with Him. Each person giving their life to Christ will receive a Bear Man Salvation Coin to commemorate their decision.
  • If your event requires an overnight stay, Jim and his team will ask for 2 hotel rooms.
  • If air travel is required, Jim and his team will ask for 2 roundtrip coach tickets.
  • Jim asks for a SUV rental car to transport The Bear Man team to and from the event.
  • Outside of travel and lodging, Jim does not charge for his ministry. However, he asks for a few moments at the end of the service to inform people of our overseas evangelistic mission, Rough Waters ( He would like to receive an offering from those in attendance for this mission. 100% of all offerings go directly to the field to win people to Christ.
  • If the sponsoring church or churches would like to donate to Rough Waters, please make all checks payable to “VanSteenhouse Family Ministries”.