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Book The Bear Man

Jim has shared his message of hope and purpose found in Christ to thousands of people at churches, universities, schools and many other venues.

If you are interested in hosting a “Bear Man Testimony” at your venue, read a bit more about the types of events below and fill out our form to start the booking process.

Bear Man Legacy

Jim VanSteenhouse (The Bear Man) has an amazing story to tell. His life was changed in the blink of an eye and God did amazing things through the nearly deadly attack of a giant grizzly bear.

In the 60-minute presentation, you will see and hear of the trip, the hunt, the attack, the recovery, and the redemption of a man that was on a collision course with a disastrous and wasted life.

Jim’s talk is meant to reveal the need for a Savior to redeem us from the “bears” we face in life. There will be a clear presentation of the Gospel given near the end of each message followed by an alter call. When the message has been given and there are those that have given their hearts to Christ, Jim will hand out a Bearman salvation coin to each new soul collected for the Kingdom of God.

Bear Man Unplugged

Join the Bear Man for 40 minute Inspirational Journey from Attack to Ministry. Experience the transformational change in Jim’s life from a man living for the next thrill and selfish experience to a man that God has called to steal souls away from Satan. Jim will tell you of his past before the attack and the period of the last 6 years that is personal, sometimes emotional and completely unscripted.

Jim will talk about his feelings of his mantra and mission of “But for one and the goal is ten million”. He will introduce the Rough Waters ministry through motivational messages and video that are meant to re-direct souls for the better of the kingdom. Jim will end this will a 20 minute Q&A discussion that is sure to change your life!