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Lord, grant me the favor of being carried into Heaven with my quiver empty upon my dented and damaged shield.

"But by the grace of God I am what I am..."

Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t promise that this life would be without struggle, but He did promise that we would never face any circumstance alone! Whatever attack your life is facing today; relationships, addictions, finances, or even an actual bear attack (see Jim’s story) , If you will call on His name, He is faithful to run to your aid and save you.

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain…”
1 COR. 15:10(a)

In 2015 Jim VanSteenhouse survived a brutal grizzly bear attack. As he laid, bleeding out and waiting for death, he cried out to Jesus.

Jim’s cry was heard by God and miraculously he survived until a helicopter was sent to airlift him to the nearest hospital. Through his ordeal , Jim committed to God to inspire and encourage others all over the world to give their lives to Christ and through Him overcome their “bears” and find their God-given purpose on this planet.


Moving Forward

Discipleship is not a destination it’s a journey. In the Book of Mathew Jesus tells us that to be His disciple we must “take up your cross, and follow me.” To find out the next steps in your walk with Christ we encourage you to take the “Moving Forward” course and find out the plan that God has for your life!

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As part of his commitment to God, Jim now travels the world with a message of hope and purpose found in Jesus Christ.

Through church ministry, leadership summits, and other special events, Jim inspires people at every stage of their Christian walk to be the overcomers that God meant for them to be.

Events are happening all of the time! Click to our calendar to find one near you and hear the Bear Man in person!

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Jim would love to share his encouraging, faith-building message with you. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking event, or for more info, please contact us using the button below.