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Have you been redeemed?

Everyone seeks redemption from past failures or bad experiences. This Bible Study is designed to show the redemption for us that has been bought and paid for by Christ. The redeeming power of His Blood covers all of our failures and bad experiences, make us new again by forgiving our past, and give us hope for the future and confidence for today.

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8 Week Course

Watch, read, and be encouraged through 8 weeks of inspiring and illuminating lessons.

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Week 1: Leaving Nothing Town

Leaving Nothing Town

Mephibosheth – super hard name to say, amazing story of redemption. Mephibosheth was the crippled grandson of Saul who escaped death by fleeing to Lo Debar, a backwater town whose name literally means “nothing town.” If someone found themselves in Lo Debar, chances where they had hit rock bottom. But Mephibosheth didn’t stay in Lo Debar, through the love and redemptive power of God he found himself at the King’s table.

Have you ever hit “rock bottom?” No matter what “Lo Debar” you find yourself in today, God has a plan for you, to bring you up to the King’s table and to give you a hope and a future!

Week 2: Broken But Usable

Broken But Usable

Let’s talk about Peter. The church often looks upon Peter as chief of the Apostles and a paragon of the faith, and rightfully so! But Peter, just like us, broken but useable, had his own moments of weakness. Just like you and me Peter faced pressure, persecution and doubt. But in spite of his humanity, Peter became a person that Jesus could build His church on. How? Well, God specializes in taking broken things and making them whole again, He is an expert turning dry bones into armies, and He loves to show His strength through our weakness. If you will open your heart to Him, God will redeem you, fix you, and put you back on the road to your destiny in Him. Just like He did with Peter.

Week 3: You Can Run But You Can't Hide

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

The belly of the beast. Sometimes it can feel like this world just wants to swallow us up. In the case of Jonah, this was not just a feeling! As Jonah ran from the commandment of God, he found himself swallowed by a great fish. Jonah found out you can run but you can’t hide! And, through his prayer, repentant heart, and commitment to obey God, Jonah found himself back on dry land – alive and well! What can we learn from Jonah’s story? Where are we disobeying God in our own lives? The story of Jonah reminds us that even though sometimes we miss it, if we repent and recommit, God is faithful to bring us back into right standing with Him.

Week 4: A Man After God's Own Heart

A Man After God’s Own Heart

David is recorded as a man after the heart of God. Yet, a quick read through his life will reveal a man who had many shortcomings, just as we do. Throughout David’s history, and the psalms that he wrote, we learn that it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up – over, and over again. Through all of this God demonstrates that He doesn’t seek a perfect heart, but a repentant heart. What is the state of your heart today?

Week 5: It's Not Too Late

It’s Not Too Late

Both thieves hanging alongside Jesus were criminals, guilty of crimes that were worthy of death. In a brief moment, Jesus changed everything. Because of his belief, he became a new creation. Old things had passed away, behold all things were new (2 Corinthians 5:17). It’s never too late while we are alive to turn to Christ no matter how much you have messed your life. Could this be your time? Jesus is ready to redeem your life; make you brand new and take you to heaven with him.

Week 6: Hang On, God Will Answer

Hang On, God Will Answer

Have you ever had someone “trash talk” about you and put you down? Life can be full of those who doubt you, envy you, or those who simply want to belittle you. Have you ever wanted something so badly that praying was your only hope of getting what you desire but it seemed that God is not listening? – you are not alone. Hannah’s story is a story of redemption, answered prayer, and overcoming. She had to overcome the continual “trash talking” of her day. Just like Hannah, we must find our identity and purpose in God and his promises for us. God is never accidental; Everything he does is for a purpose: to bless you and fulfill his plan. Hang on God will answer!

Week 7: The Great Redeemer

The Great Redeemer

God has a plan in many forms of redemption for you and me. First and foremost, His redemption plan was in sending Jesus to save us from the power of sin. Beyond that He has done many other things that show a redemption story in all of His children. Ruth is just such an example. The book of Ruth is a great story about the redemption of two women from destitution and hopelessness to abundance and hope. Their lives were redeemed because of the love of a man who had the resources and the will to change their lives.

Week 8: Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

Joseph was a dreamer, but his dreams were provided directly from God Himself. It took many years, but Joseph’s dreams played out before his eyes and the eyes of his family. Through it we can learn how God watches out for us and sees us through the worst of times and that He is always with us through the obstacles of life. So, dream on till the dreams God has given you for your life come true!

A Message from Pastor Sal

Hey there, I’m Pastor Sal and I am so glad that you have begun or rededicated your life to this amazing journey in Christ. I’m here to help you along the way, please contact us with any questions or prayer requests!

“Knowing Jim personally, I greatly admire his courage and energy. Jim was knocked on his back in a brutal way but he is back on his feet and is a better man for it. We all get knocked down at some point in life but not everyone decides to get back up. Jim’s story will inspire you to get back on your feet and encourage you to be a difference maker.”

– Lance Berkman, Retired MLB All-Star