Twin Eagle Resources (December 11th, 2019)

The ability, in today’s environment, for a company to facilitate internal Bible Study fellowship is nothing short of spectacular.  Not only does Twin Eagle have a full-fledged bible study, they even go so far as to hire chaplains to lead the studies.  Most companies tell me why this can’t be done; conversely, Twin Eagle just gets it done.  I am proud of the leadership and the organization for being receptive to where the Holy Spirit leads them.  I am sure they are experiencing and will continue to see Gods work through their ministry.  Our fellowship surrounding The Bear Man testimony was up close and personal.  Comprised of the corporate personnel and those choosing to dial in, we navigated the entire Grizzly encounter complete with a full array of Q&A.  Again, I was the one blessed in having our Lord arrange for the opportunity to share the power of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  #BeBold #NoFear