Any time the devil creates havoc the day before and especially the day of a Bear Man testimony, I know we are about to enter an environment anxiously awaiting to hear about our Lord and Savior.  This was no exception.  This C.H.A.R.M. event was held in Huntsville at the Maximum Security Estelle Unit.  Working alongside the C.H.A.R.M. team is second to none.  These men are Generals in Gods army; David, C.J., Daniel, and Tommie – – you are the absolute best warriors I’ve ever suited up with. And, I want to give huge shout out to Chaplain Watson Rugano for allowing us to be part of Chapel!  In excess of 40 men gave their lives to Christ today.  An additional 40+ men recommitted their faith.  The men with a firm foundation for Christ surrounded our new Christian Brothers and committed to leading them in ‘next steps’ of their journey.  These are the days I proudly read Romans 14:12.  #FinishStrong  #BeTheWire